Peanut Seedling Disease Trial

This peanut seedling disease trial was established to simply evaluate organic seed/soil treatments at plant for any sign that they might prevent a complex of seedling diseases that affect peanut seed germination.  Typically, a conventional grower has a chemical seed treatment to prevent disease, but organic growers have had very few options and so it is not unusual to be forced to replant. At $1.30 per lb. and most peanut farmers planting over 100#’s per acre, cost add up quickly!

This growing season has had strange weather and because of that the test was planted later than wanted. Both air and soil temperatures jumped significantly in May meaning we needed to irrigate before planting – which created its own set of problems. It was hoped we could put these seeds into cold, wet soils to simulate a West Texas April/early May planting but sometimes things don’t work even in the best planning.  Even though it wasn’t ideal we saw a few differences that will help us to adjust what we do in the future for more testing. Listed below are the treatments and rates for the products tested. #7 and #10 serve as checks, #7 is bare seed and #10 is conventionally treated seed with Dynasty, Syngenta Co.  

Plots were 2 rows X 25’ with 100 seed planted per row or 4 seed per 1’ of row.  There were 4 replications of each plot, randomized. Planting date was May 20, 2022, into a previous irrigated site.  0.75 inches rain fell on May 23 and plots were sufficiently moist for good germination.  Peanut seed ‘crack’ was observed on May 26. 

Trt. #CompanyProductTrt.Per acre
1Ecological LaboratoriesQuantum-EXP 1IF64 oz/ac
2Summit AgroAVIVSeed10-30 oz/100-gallon water. Soak and dry
3Summit AgroAVIVIF10-30 oz/100-gallon water.
4Certis BioDouble NickelIFDouble Nickel LC @ 8 fl oz/acre
5Certis BioDouble NickelIFDouble Nickel LC @ 16 fl oz/acre
6American Plant FoodSigma 5-3-2 BioPPI1000 lbs./ac
7 NAUntreated CheckNA NA
8CortevaBexfondIF14 oz/ac
9ValentEndoPrime (EndoMaxx is organic of EndoPrime but not available at treatment)IF2oz/Ac
10 NATreated seed check NA NA

Looking at the results, there is no statistically significant difference in any of the treatments, but trends indicate some differences especially above the untreated check #7.  Overall, we want to improve both germination percentage and stand establishment with organic product treatments. Seed germination counts were done on May 31 and no further germination occurred.  Ratings of growth were done on June 3, 6, 9 and 13.  Rating scale was 1 – 4 with a 1 being best. Organic treatments 1, 2, and 4 were all rated above the untreated check #7. This gives us a possibility of further testing to see if they continue to show an advantage.

Trt. #CompanyProductTrtRateGerm. % 5/31Plot Rating
10 NATreated seed checkSeedDynasty powder52.8751.750
1Ecological Lab.Quantum-EXP 1IF64 oz/ac45.8571.875
2Summit AgroAVIVSeed10-30 oz/100-gallon water. Soak and dry43.7502.125
4Certis BioDouble NickelIFDouble Nickel LC @ 8 fl. oz/acre44.2502.188
7 NAUntreated Check NANA43.7502.438
3Summit AgroAVIVIF10-30 oz/100-gallon water.44.1252.563
8CortevaBexfondIF14 oz/ac35.5002.813
6American Plant FoodSigma 5-3-2 BioPPI1000 lbs./ac34.6253.063
5Certis BioDouble NickelIFDouble Nickel LC @ 16 fl. oz/acre37.2503.188

Author: Bob Whitney, Regents Fellow & Extension Organic Specialist

Agriculturalist, extension educator and researcher, organic agriculture enthusiast and promoter, international program developer, Christian, husband, father and friend.

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