Survey of Organic Producers

At the Organic Cotton and Peanut meeting in Seminole I asked producers to fill out a quick survey of their production. It was anonymous and the information is very valuable as we plan organic programs. Here are the results:

Average years farming – 18.6
Average of total acres farmed – 3,726
Average of total acres organic – 1,210
Average of organic peanut acres – 659
Average of organic cotton acres – 1,055

Rank all these problems you face as an organic  farmer?

#1 Weeds    (ranked most important)
#2 Disease or insect problems
#3 Adapted organic seed varieties
#4 Market Price or Marketing Issues
#5 Water/Irrigation
#6 Organic fertilizer  (ranked least important)

What is your source of information for organic farming?

#1 Other growers  (most responses)
#2 Consultants
#3 Company representatives
#4 Texas A&M AgriLife Extension/Research
#5 ACRES, Rodale, other organic groups
#6 Other sources  (least responses)

            When I asked the question how growers heard about the meeting, most said “from other growers” but in close second was the “Organic News” newsletter like the one sent out every other month. Still, most growers are getting news and information from each other!

Cotton Varieties Planted. I asked producers who did the survey to tell me the cotton varieties they plant.  I know there aren’t really any true organic cotton varieties but, these conventional varieties are the most used.

Cotton Varieties: University of Arkansas – UA48, Green Dirt Exceed –  2244, 4344, 6000 and 6494, Brownfield Seed and Delinting –  BX4, BX9, and BSD 598, Israel Ido Tal Pima – GL 6 and V 70, Gowan – 1432 Pima Hybrid

Peanut Varieties Planted. Same question for those that plant peanuts knowing that there is no “organic” peanut variety but plenty that are used on organic acres.

Peanut Varieties:  Spanish AT 9899, TamVal OL14 , Tamnut OL 06, Valencia C, Span 17, Valencia 309.

Author: Bob Whitney, Regents Fellow & Extension Organic Specialist

Agriculturalist, extension educator and researcher, organic agriculture enthusiast and promoter, international program developer, Christian, husband, father and friend.

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